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We have an interesting and interactive work culture at PIPL. Our working environment sparks team spirit and speaks esprit de corps. It is this motivating magic which propels the culture forward. Along with the congenial milieu to every employee they also share a big chunk of appreciation that flows straight from their superiors that facilitate in boosting their morale and acts as a catalyst in further progression. Life at PIPL is much more than the peripheries of the cubicle with eyes glued to the work station. Here along with competing with the deadlines and handling strenuous task pressure, employees also get an opportunity to unwind themselves at regular intervals. There are parties happening at every quarter which helps breaks the monotony of the routine and infuses freshness to the mind. It also enables the mind to take on to work more enthusiastically than before. Various social events along with educative seminars and training sessions are a common phenomenon. We strive to organize more and more such motivating sessions in future.

Parties at discotheques allow the employees to just let their hair down and groove to the tune of their favorite dance numbers thus helping them to pour down stress levels. Not only this, periodic outstation fun trips also help in easing out the strain of work. These leisure trips also tag along knowledgeable sessions in form of seminars and training sessions that go hand in hand. All in all, it’s fun and enrichment that goes hand in hand at PIPL. Our strength lies in our work wagon and we are committed to their cause. Happy working...

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