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I.T. Infrastructure

PIPL offers solutions that improve the efficiency and reliability of the IT platforms that run mission-critical applications for your enterprise in the following ways:

Protecting data loss
Eliminating system downtime
Full Utilizing of system infrastructure
Protection to confidential information
Increase in scalability
Automating data collection

Powersoft is a reliable partner to help your enterprise implement the following infrastructure solutions:

Disaster Recovery for Oracle
Unplanned downtime can cost an organization fortunes. Natural calamities can take a heavy charge on your critical applications and disable them from being functional. The choice of an efficient disaster recovery system therefore assumes great importance

Powersoft enables you to evolve a maintenance strategy for all environments adhering to your company's needs before implementing your system.  Powersoft help you to design an effective backup and recovery strategy with the end objective of protecting your data from loss, keeping in mind your resource constraints and nature of databases. 

Active Data Guard
Oracle Active Data Guard offers an enhanced quality of service by transferring resource-intensive activities from a production database to one or more standby databases. Oracle Active Data Guard eliminates idle redundancy of your standby database and provides protection against outages at the production site, thereby offering protection against disasters.
Data Vault
Oracle Database Vault acts as a safe custodian of information from database administrators who have access to highly sensitive and confidential data. Implementation of Oracle Database Vault improves enterprise security and helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements. Powersoft can help your enterprise implement Oracle Database Vault solutions.
Key benefits:
Continuous availability of applications
Flexibility for scaling of applications
Providing enterprise grids
Automatic workload repository and workload management
Reduction in operating costs
Flexibility to make systems more agile, proactive and adaptive
Powersoft can implement Real Application Clustering in your environment. We also offer services to support third party cluster ware products on specified platforms.
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