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Powersoft can provide strategic advice on how your enterprise should use Oracle technology - whether Oracle solutions are right for you, how to implement Oracle solutions, and how to make better use of your current Oracle systems.

Our services include the following:
Utilization Audit for Oracle E-Business Suite
Organizations spend a substantial amount of money and effort in implementing and using ERP suites but often fail to make an optimum utilization of such technology. Optimization of business processes is the key to achieve maximum return on investment in technology. For enterprises that run Oracle E-Business Suite applications, Powersoft recommends conducting a utilization audit. Powersoft looks at the entire functionality available in your existing Oracle modules to see whether you are using all of the functionality that applies to your business processes.
Security Assessment
An organization is prone to the risks of capital erosion, legal liabilities, and loss of public image owing to the risk of IT security.  Powersoft can help enterprises address these security concerns by conducting a security assessment of their Oracle systems.

The purpose of the assessment is to give your enterprise a roadmap for improving your organization’s overall IT security.  The entire process involves identification of vulnerabilities and recommending solutions to improve the security of your current database environment.

Powersoft has the expertise to take you through an in-depth analysis of your information systems, operations, procedures, business processes, human resources, and security controls.

 Powersoft enables audit, assurance, risk and security professionals (IT and non-IT) to evaluate risks and controls in existing ERP implementations, and facilitate the design and implementation of better practice controls into system upgrades and enhancements. Powersoft aims to assist system architects, business analysts and business process owners who are implementing Oracle EBS, as well as people responsible for managing it in live production to maintain the appropriate level of control and security according to business needs and industry standards.

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