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Royal Canin, with its headquarters in France, is one of the leading global brands for pet food. With over 45 years of scientific research in the field of pet nutrition, the client remains a leader in cutting-edge innovation. Their food products for cats and dogs cater to the pet’s specific age, weight, and breed. The client offers niche products for the specific health requirements of pet cats or dogs. Such products include food for the pet’s digestive health, urinary health, food sensitivity, and weight loss.


The client holds warehouses in multiple cities and metros of India, and has its chief warehouse located in Bhiwandi, near Mumbai. The warehouse mismanagement challenges outlined below became a bottleneck in the client’s overall operational efficiency in the Indian market:


Despite having a large warehouse area, the client realized the space was not being utilized optimally. Inventory was placed haphazardly and the warehouse staff was unaware of what was kept where. While certain stocks were closely stuffed in one part of the warehouse, the rest of it was not put to use at all. Moreover, in most warehouses, the space allocated to an item was inconsistent with the item’s dimensions or priority.


Inventory was placed in the client’s warehouses without any insight into the appropriateness of the location. For instance, items that had a shorter window for expiry were kept in remote locations where the labor would not check them frequently or ‘fast moving’ items were stacked down with the lower on priority items.


With the inventory spaced out irrationally and without using any schema for arrangement, the warehouse labor wasted enormous amounts of time in locating inventory, took longer routes for reaching specific items on inventory, and were unproductive while loading items bound for distribution elsewhere.


Using Powersoft’s Warehouse Management Solution, we were able to provide the client with a web-based solution that they could seamlessly integrate with their existing ERP software and achieve the following:

Put away - allocate optimal warehouse location to inventory when unloaded from cargo

Replenishment - keep the next batch of items ready in advance for movement out of the warehouse

Pickup - facilitate swift and efficient loading of items bound for distribution from warehouse



With Powersoft’s Warehouse Management Solution, the client realized the following outcomes:



By implementing Powersoft’s Warehouse Management Solution, the client’s loss on time and resources due to inefficient inventory and warehouse management were drastically reduced, while productivity in warehouse operations was secured.