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Oracle E-Business Suite for Real Estate

With hundreds of cross-industry capabilities spanning enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and supply chain planning, Oracle E-Business Suite applications help customers manage the complexities of global business environments no matter if the organisation is small, medium or large in size.

The Oracle business suite offers a fully integrated footprint of application that facilitates all activities related to real estate management. Oracle property manager's ability to support lease execution for both owner and leaseholder perspective addresses the need of corporate real estate management, commercial property management, retail/franchise operations and real estate invest rules (REIT's). Many of our competitors have designed application only either the owner or the leaseholder: however, in today's world, many business operate as both. The Oracle's E-Business Suite enables an organization to manage leases as tenant or landlord in a single solution.

Customer Relationship Management
Service Management
Financial Management
Human Capital Management
Project Portfolio Management
Advanced Procurement
Supply Chain Management
Value Chain Planning
Value Chain Execution
Powersoft provides services for Oracle E-Business Suite that ensures Customer Relationship Management that provides a single, global basis of information that ensures all selling channels are aligned with corporate objectives, Service management that offers true information-driven customer service, Financial Management that allows you to work smarter, Human Capital Management that delivers robust set of best in class human resource facility, Project Portfolio that supports the life cycle of the project, Supply Chain Management that cuts supply management cost, value chain planning and value chain execution that ensures that provides best in class planning and unprecedented flexibility in how they purchase, design, implement and manage their supply chain solutions respectively.
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