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Post Implementation Support & Services
Post Implementation Support includes:
Oracle E-Business Suite Database Administration Support
Oracle E-Business Suite Application Support
Oracle End User / Super User Training
Oracle Application & Database Server Monitoring
Oracle ERP Help Desk Support
Oracle E-Business Suite Administration Support-DBA
PIPL provides full database administration support, assigning database administrators (DBAs) with extensive Oracle application expertise.  

We have standardized on common tools and processes where the support team ensures consistency across services and provides visibility into emerging problems across Support Groups. We remotely monitor the administrator to ensure and resolve the issue before the problem occurs.

We also provide Raw Data Dump to external auditors for audit purposes across various modules which can be used for analysis of data.

Oracle E-Business Suite Application Support
We as a support team suggests and guide you with preformatted reports, graphs, excel reports-what all parameters should be added to the existing report structure design to help you run your business successfully increasing your bottom line, letting no prospects will ever slip through the cracks!
Oracle End User/Super User Training
Our training offeres a complete set of training courses to help you and your staff master Oracle Applications. We work with you to organize training covering the usage navigation and entry process in Oracle EBS. Our Training Professional shows you how to work on the EBS throughout the entire work process so that without wastage of time and energy the right amount of information is delivered to key people when they need it the most.
Oracle Application & Database Server Monitoring
A server monitoring team monitors all Application server like Oracle Apps, Oracle Database, Lotus sever, ERP Application, Security Servers Like Symantec Antivirus, Windows Updates Server.
Oracle ERP Helpdesk Support
Our Central Helpdesk Support Team provides support for Oracle Applications and managed incidents/issues. Multichannel support- including phone, e-mail- are deployed to enhance support, efficiency to end users. As with all technical services, PIPL helpdesk adhere to strict service-level agreements (SLAs). Our helpdesk raises Service Request (SR’s) for major application issues with Oracle. Our helpdesk continuously (24x7) co-ordinate with Oracle team for resolution of issues. In addition to technical troubleshooting we provide functional support also acting as liaisons between you as end users and Oracle.
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